Caroline's tumor brought out the giving side of our incredible daughter.

Once, after she had endured radiation, she was at the candy store with some friends. When I picked her up she jumped in the car and enthusiastically asked to go to the ice cream shop. I laughed and said that I thought the candy store was enough for one day.

That is when Caroline held out her hand. She had two shiny quarters in her palm. She looked at me straight in the eye and said, "But Mommy, I don't want ice cream... I want to put these two quarters into the slots. You know, where they collecting money for a little boy with leukemia."

Until that moment, I had been so incredibly sad about how our family had been forever changed by Caroline's diagnosis of DIPG. At that moment, I saw a tiny flicker of light. From that day on, Caroline contributed whatever she had in her pocket to many worthy causes.

During Caroline's battle, I read something that made me think about life. It said...
Did God give us children to teach... or to learn from?

That day, in the car outside of the candy shop, I learned how to give. My oldest daughter taught me how to give. Here she was, faced with the "worst tumor possible," (these are the exact words spoken by the oncologist on the day of her diagnosis), engaged in the fight of her life, yet she was able to see past her own situation and help another child.

So, CMF was started very emotionally.

We are completely aware of the absolute need for a cure. Originally we set our sights on raising money for a cure to DIPG. However, through Caroline, we realized that this was not enough. How could we simply focus on the cure and not help these little soldiers who had been forced to fight this battle. She helped us to realize that one of the main goals of the foundation needed to be helping children with DIPG do extraordinary things. Caroline wanted to help other children, the way so many friends and strangers helped her. So... we will aim to grant "mini-miracles".

This was Caroline's wish. We hope to help kids with DIPG smile, even if just for a moment. And the cure... well, words can not capture the desperation we feel to cure this cruel disease...

So...PEACE, KINDNESS, SMILES, and tons of GRATITUDE to everyone who has helped Caroline's Miracle become a reality!

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